I have to tell you about a great engagement shoot last Sunday.  Moira and Yash are getting married in Norfolk in Jan 2015, after the fun we had last Sunday I’m very much looking forward to the party, ahem wedding!  It was great to hear about Moira and Yash’s wedding plans, the venue sounds like a photographers dream.  ImageWe met in the Roebuck on Richmond Hill as I knew that the views from this pub are fantastic.  This is where this first picture was taken with the Thames meandering in the distance.  The Roebuck must be Jagger’s local, but we didn’t bump into him or any other Stones


After the short trip to Pembroke Lodge car park, we set off on foot in to the mysterious depths of Richmond Park.  We had a brief toe to toe with one of the more impressive Stags.  After a short walk we stopped at this small pond to take a breather.  The reflections were almost wrecked by some pesky ducks!




I love this shot above, it was definitely worth the preparation, where I accidentally sat on a large nettle bush!  School boy error to have worn shorts!

Image I’ll conclude this blog with this shot which represents for me the natural easy closeness and intimacy that Moira and Yash share.






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