Your engagement shoot is an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other before your wedding day and even do some pre-wedding planning. If you have any qualms about having your photo taken by a professional photographer, the engagement shoot will help you feel at ease.

Couples who have engagement shoots know exactly what to expect on their wedding day and can concentrate on the important matter of getting married without the worry about having the photographs taken. On your wedding day time will be limited, so the engagement shoot is a great chance for me to see how you are in front of the camera, so we can dive straight into some creative portraits on the big day.

Being engaged is a very special and exciting time in your relationship; the shoot is also an opportunity to have photographic mementos of this period. The pictures can be used for a signing board or book, or as gifts for your loved ones.

What to expect at your Engagement Shoot

A lot of people worry about having to make cheesy poses or having to hold a fake smile for so long that their jaw will ache! Not true! We’ll start off with a chat and a brew (location dependent!) then we’ll have a walk around your chosen place stopping, for a few pictures along the way. The images will be of relaxed interaction, not cheesy poses. I will be asking you questions, telling silly jokes, getting you to chat to each other about some shared memories.   Be warned, you may be expected to hold hands, cuddle or even kiss your partner! Don’t worry if you’re not too touchy feely in public, we’ll tailor your shoot to suit. Please do make me aware of any cultural or religious considerations prior to the shoot.

Where and when to have your Engagement Shoot

I perform Engagement Shoots in and around London. Choose somewhere that is special to the both of you. I am a versatile photographer and am as happy photographing landscapes in the countryside as I am shooting urban street scenes. If you aren’t sure please do let me know and I will suggest suitable locations.

You can have the shoot whenever you like, but I would suggest a couple of months before the wedding would be a good time. I find the best time of day to shoot is in the evening in the hour before sunset.

What to wear and how to prepare for your Engagement Shoot

Wear clothes that you love and are comfortable to wear for a short walk around your chosen location. I would suggest that you don’t wear clothes that clash with each other’s. Don’t bring things to carry like bags or any other accompaniments. Wear comfortable shoes.

Any other Engagement Shoot Questions

Please do get in touch if you have any queries not covered above. I look forward to meeting you soon.

A Gallery of Sharp Edge Photo Engagement Shoot Photographs



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