The Bride and Groom photographs are the most spectacular photographs of the wedding day. With preparation and experience I aim to make it a fun and special time. I like to capture a mixture of wide shots that showcase the wedding venue and/or landscape with tighter images that show the intimacy between the couple. Following the wedding service I whisk the Bride and Groom away for some creative but relaxed portraits. In the morning of the event I have usually scouted the venue for some locations for interesting unexpected back drops. Also on occasion we can go for a short drive to get some winning landscape shots of the happy couple in prime locations.

This is a fun time for the happy couple as they have just got married and in a way this is a little time for them to spend together before they get back to the party of the wedding canapés, breakfast and reception!  The challenge for any photographer is to allow the couple to relax in order that genuine relaxed intimate portraits can be captured whilst also being conscious of not taking too much time.  I pride myself in being able to work with the couple to capture these photographs, whilst having fun and not taking a long time.

Please find below a selection of my favourite photographs.

As always thank you to all of my past and future wedding couples, you are my inspiration.



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