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Through the end of this long and hot summer and into autumn I plan to write a series of blogs that I hope will showcase my wedding photography, whilst at the same time inspiring future Bride and Grooms.  I will begin with the preparations of the most important person at the wedding, the Bride!

Typically on the morning of the wedding I will seek out the bridal party in order that I can capture the details and final preparations before the service.  My first aim is to capture all of our Bride’s details before she needs them.  In the album, the bridal details will usually follow a couple of establishing photos of the wedding venue. These photographs will build the tension before the bridal portraits.

The Bridal Details

The first photographs will be of the bridal details.  These will include the jewellery, bouquet, garter, shoes, lucky sixpences and any other little borrowed or blue things that the Bride will be wearing on her wedding day.


The Wedding Dress

Next comes The Wedding Dress!  After the initial detail photographs, I take the essential shots of the wedding dress.  This usually works well with the dress hung up in a large window, an antique wardrobe or even on a four poster bed.  It is great to take the front and back of the wedding dress, whilst also capturing the finer details in the lace and jewels.


The Bride puts on her Wedding Dress

After the bridal detail photographs have been taken, I may well leave the bridal party to prepare. I return after the Bride’s hair is styled and final make up applied.  At this stage I will capture the Bride’s wedding dress being fastened by her mother or bridesmaid.  These are some of my favourite images of the wedding, as we get to see the Bride’s family react for the first time to seeing her in her wedding dress.


The Bridal Portrait

After all of the preparation in the morning I now have the pleasure of taking the bridal portraits. This can be a high pressure time, as for some reason the schedule never seems to run on time… we all know that it’s the Bride’s prerogative to be late on her wedding day anyway! In any case I think the pressure helps us produce beautiful portraits.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful Brides who have booked Sharp Edge Photo for their wedding day.  They are the inspiration for this blog.  Thank you again for visiting.  See you all again soon!



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