Hello and thank you for visiting the Sharp Edge Photo Blog. Today I would like to share with you photographs of wedding venues, details, themes, flowers and food.  Typically I arrive early for a wedding and have a little tour of the venue(s). This gives me the opportunity to scout out Bride and Groom shots for later in the day, but also gives me the chance to take some establishing shots of the venue and some of the details that I find such as quirky signs, flowers and anything else that may make the day unique. Typically they would show off the venue and give us a context and start to the day. Usually my albums start with a few of these images.  The details and theme of the wedding will run through the album as they do through the day. I aim to give the Bride and Groom lifelong memories of their day and the work that they put into every detail.

Establishing Photos of the wedding Venue

Once the question had been popped and she said “yes”, the wedding venue would almost certainly have been the first priority on the planning agenda. The wedding venue will become a special place for the Bride and Groom for years to come.  I need to capture their wedding venue at it’s best on the day.  I have worked at traditional religious wedding services in churches as well as contemporary secular services in country houses, hotels and barns.  The most challenging days for the photographer are the multi-venue weddings that may involve a trip to the Bride’s parents for the bridal preparations, followed by a trip to the church service then finally a reception venue. The lucky couple will often have a wedding car to transport them between venues. I aim to capture the essence of each venue on these days. I will often also end the wedding album with a wide shot of the venue at night.

Wedding Details, Themes and Flowers

By the time their wedding day comes around so much work has been put into every detail. These themes give each wedding it’s own unique character. I feel it is my role to import this character or accent into the photos I take and the albums I create. These can include the place settings, the wedding favours, the photo walls, the Welsh love spoons and most importantly the flowers.


Food and Drink

The post service canapés, champagne, beer, Pimms, wedding breakfast and perhaps most important of all the wedding cake! If you have it I will capture it for posterity. Thank you for visiting the Sharp Edge photo Blog, I hope to see you again soon.



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